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Note: Overnight buses that depart after midnight will count for the previous day.
Shinjuku, Hachioji - Ibaraki, Osaka, USJFrom ... yen (one way)> TOKYO DISNEY RESORT(R), Tokyo, Yokohama - Osaka, KobeFrom ... yen (one way)> Kawagoe, Shinjuku, Akihabara - Kyoto, OsakaFrom ... yen (one way)> Kamakura, Fujisawa, Odawara - Osaka, KyotoFrom ... yen (one way)> Shinjuku - Kobe, HimejiFrom ... yen (one way)>
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The Three Advantages of JAPAN BUS LINES

Easy booking of highway bus services for throughout Japan on one website
Easy booking of highway bus services for throughout Japan on one website
There are more than 49 highway bus lines in Japan, and JAPAN BUS LINES makes it easy to find a bus to your destination and convenient to book a reservation. Anytime day or night, you can book a bus, change your reservation or make a cancellation online whether overseas or in Japan. JAPAN BUS LINES e-mails convenient maps of boarding and destination locations that can also be checked online. As proof of purchase (your ticket), simply print out the e-mail or show the e-mail on your smartphone when boarding, a great feature for overseas visitors.
Connections to more than 1000 sites throughout Japan
Connections to more than 1000 sites throughout Japan
Every region in Japan has distinct attractions, such as unique natural scenery, history, culture and cuisine.
With many bus lines throughout Japan, you can travel direct to more than 1000 locations, arriving at your destination safely.
And when you make connections, you can visit even more locations.
We hope you will not only enjoy the many attractions Japan has to offer but also the hospitality at your destinations.
Safe, secure and reasonably-priced transportation
Safe, secure and reasonably-priced transportation
The bus companies in the JAPAN BUS LINES network are reliable and have been approved by the Japanese government. The JAPAN BUS LINES network provides a reservation confirmation e-mail and instructions for boarding on the website, and there is even a customer service center with English-speaking agents so you are in good hands. Great innovations have been made in overnight buses in Japan, so you arrive at your destination refreshed without lodging fees. Offering low-cost services, JAPAN BUS LINES is a great way to use your money and time effectively while traveling in Japan.


Credit CardsCredit Cards
Credit card that can be used are Visa, Master Card,JCB and American Express.
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JAPAN BUS LINES - Participating Companies
  • Alpico kotsu Co., Ltd.
  • Chugoku bus
  • Chugoku JR bus company
  • City bus tachikawa
  • Eagle bus Co., Ltd
  • Enoden bus fujisawa company, Limited
  • Ensyu railway Co., Ltd.
  • Fukushima kotsu
  • Gifu bus kanko Co., Ltd.
  • Hokuto kotsu Inc.
  • Inabus Co., Ltd.
  • Iwatekenkotsu
  • JR kyushubus company
  • JR shikoku bus
  • Keio dentetsu bus Co., Ltd
  • Keisei bus Co., Ltd
  • Kintetsu Bus Co., Ltd.
  • Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Meitetsu bus Co., Ltd.
  • Miyagi transportation Co.,Ltd.
  • Nankai bus Co., Ltd.
  • Nara kotsu bus lines Co., Ltd.
  • Nemuro kotsu Co., Ltd.
  • Nishitokyobus Co., Ltd.
  • Nohi noriai jidosha Co., Ltd.
  • Obihiro transportation
  • Odakyu city bus Co., Ltd.
  • Ontake kotsu
  • Shimotsui dentetsu
  • Shinki bus Co.,Ltd.
  • Shinnan koutsu corporation
  • Shonai kotsu
  • Soya bus corporation
  • Tango Kairiku kotsu Co. Ltd.
  • Shin Tokai bus Co., Ltd.
  • Towada kanko dentetsu
  • Yamanashi kotsu Co., Ltd.
  • Zentan bus Co., Ltd.
  • Bocho Bus Company, Limited
  • Ugokotsu Co., Ltd.
  • Hinomaru bus, Ltd.
  • Hiroshima Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
  • Ichibata Electric Railway Co,. Ltd.
  • Nagadenbus Co., Ltd.
  • Nihon Kotsu Co., Ltd.
  • Chiba Chuo Bus Co., Ltd.
  • Iyotetsu
  • Kansai airport transportation enterprise Co.,Ltd.
  • Chiba kotsu Co., Ltd.
  • Kanto Transportation Inc.
  • Yamako Bus Co., Ltd.
  • Mie Kotsu Co.,Ltd.
  • Keihan Bus Co,Ltd
  • Toyama Chihou Tetsudou, Inc
  • Keihan Bus Co,Ltd
  • Akita chuoukotsu Co., Ltd.
  • Tokushima Bus Co, .Ltd

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